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Merchant Onboarding

Getting Started as a Merchant

1) Review Seller Policy

Please review the Cave Market Seller policy here: Seller Policy

2) Log in to the portal

Log in here, then review the following instructions to finish setting up.

Please send us an email at with any questions!

3) Fill out your profile

When you log in for the first time, familiarize yourself with the platform. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to point them out or direct questions to

Fill out your profile/store information. Our customers value artisans, and want to understand the person or business that they are buying products from. Include detail about your shop, and what makes you unique. On your seller profile, customers will be able to leave or read reviews, see your inventory, and read your seller policy if you have one.

4) Payouts: Create a Veem account

When your product sells, we automatically distribute funds via Veem ( within 3-5 business days of the order being fulfilled.

5) Listing items 

For a step-by-step how to list a product, click here. When listing a new product, it is important to select which "Collections" or category/categories you want your item to appear in. 

This platform upholds a high standard for product listings. Please include detailed descriptions of your products (materials, story behind product, dimensions) and plenty of high quality photos. We may contact you directly if we feel that a listing needs more detail. 

6) Shipping

We understand that many sellers provide free shipping - especially for larger items. If this is you, you're in luck! Currently, we are unable to offer variable shipping calculations through 3rd party shipping services. So, the easiest method is to offer your customers free shipping. To offer free shipping on your item, click Shipping Method/Free Shipping on your Edit Product page, or set Free Shipping as your default in Configuration/Shipping Configuration. Feel free to calculate estimated shipping costs into your product cost.

If you want to set up shipping costs, you can do it through a semi-complicated process on the platform through Configuration/Shipping Configuration/Marketplace Shipping Action (three dots to the right)/Range Details/Add New Range/ and edit price ranges based on weight classes. If you use this shipping method, be sure to select "Marketplace Shipping" on your product pages.

We are in the process of developing improved shipping options. We appreciate your understanding!