70s V8 Muscle Car Crankshaft End Table; Turquoise Patina – Cave Market

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70s V8 Muscle Car Crankshaft End Table; Turquoise Patina


Early 70’s Pontiac firebird v8 crankshaft end table in a faux patina green and turquoise. Funny but these patina paint jobs actually take a lot more time and effort to achieve a genuine distressed look but I think it’s worth it in the end. Available with matching camshaft lamp sold separately.



Fun back story behind this piece but these parts initially came from an attached garage that is part of the famous Sugar Hill recording studio here in Houston. The owner of the buildings kept a small garage setup to work on his muscle cars over the years. Recently he sold the entire building to the studio and needed to start getting rid of his collection of project cars and parts. He was reluctant to even sell me the parts after I revealed what I was going to use them for but after talking for an hour and showing him pictures of my work we struck a deal. The background and age of these vintage parts are in my opinion what makes some of these pieces so cool.