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Lazy Susan - The Show Stopper


"The Show Stopper" End Grain Lazy Susan

Measuring in at 21 inches diameter and 1 inch thick, this Lazy Susan is a true balance of art & function.  The rectangular chaotic pattern leads to striking contrasts and reflects the uniqueness and style of the owners home. 

Each Lazy Susan is hand made to order, ensuring each piece is 100% unique.  Made from sustainable resourced Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Padauk & Maple.  The Lazy Susan hardware is made from Premium Aluminum with 5mm Ball Bearings to ensure precision and a quiet rotational glide.  

Finished with 4 coats of a proprietary food safe finish and then sealed with 3 coats of a proprietary food safe wax.  As well, a tin of wax will be provided with the board to ensure its beauty is maintained for generations.

Why & What is End Grain?

Let's first answer the "What is End Grain?"  End Grain represents the actual "ends" of a board.  The best way to visualize this is . . . imagine you just cut a Christmas Tree down to take to your house.  The stump left in the ground, when you look at, is showing its growth rings.  You are now looking at the End Grain of the tree.  End Grain is exposed when wood is cut at 90 degrees to its vertical growth.

Now let's discuss "Why End Grain" for this Lazy Susan.  End grain is first and foremost, very aesthetic with color & character.  But more importantly, is that end grain is the most durable of all options.  As well, the cellular structure of the wood allows for great resistance to nicks and gouges.  An item like a lazy susan should get lots of use, get spilled on, get rings from sauce dishes and simply live a life of often use.  If properly waxed, it will take nothing more than a damp cloth to make it look like new.  If it gets really dirty or damaged, then a quick sanding with 100 grit, then 125 grit, then 150 grit and then a final 220 grit will make it ready for wax and looking brand new.