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Toasty Oak Woodworks

Steam Punk Slim Pallet Shoe Rack


Are your shoes lying in a jumbled pile next to your door? Of course not! Or at least not for long... This shoe storage, organizer, stuff-by-the-door rack is perfect for housing your recently thrifted pair of doc martens, chuck tailor high tops, or whatever other ironic footwear is in vogue for any given day.  

You love the Steam Punk pallet shoe rack but you're strapped for space? Steam Punk Slim is the streamlined version of its bigger, burlier predecessor.  But don't worry.  It doesn't lose any of the rustic-meets-industrial charm of the original.  Its sleek new design fits in tighter corners and comes with new variations in pipe structure.  Wait no more to unclutter your entryway with this stylish piece of home decor. 

15" tall, 22" long, 16" deep . 

7.5" between bottom and top shelf
3" of floor storage below bottom shelf 
Option of handles or caps for the top pipe structure
Option of standard shelf front or open faced distressed front